About Tes

So, back in Holland we had a piano: that's where
it all started. I started writing in english (when I was about 10) and as my main knowledge of english and music came from the radio and television, my lyrics started off as pretty bad love songs.

As I got older and got to know my first punkbands (Greenday, NOFX, Good Riddance) , I turned my back on the radio. During my time with the band DidiDATZI (the only ever Butterfly-punkband in the world) I developed more knowledge about the world and it's politics.
Some people in the band, prefered to keep the butterflyness (the careless, funny, punkstyle) in the band, although I wanted to say what was burning in my heart. The result was a new band, Animal Farm, which didn't last long because of other reasons. And DidiDATZI fell apart. Eventually, after doing a couple of attempts to start a new band, I realized that I had to go on by myself.

I wrote songs accompanied by piano or guitar. With subjects such as political issues, emotions.. From a story about an anorexic/boulimic girl to general love songs, from furcoats to friendship. Basicly everything that plays an important role in people's lives. Eighter my own, or humans and nonhuman animals, whose life I can only imagine about.

In april 2005, thanx to Non Stop Records, Budapest, my first cd came out: "People". It contains 4 piano and 4 guitar songs: Murder in Genoa, Mikey's Song, Breaking You, The time is Now, Lajka, History of a Furcoat, Morning in Budapest, a Tiny Bit Like You.

Listening to 2 songs from the cd is possible at: myspace.com/lazychairpolitics