Billboard Tragedy

How many people have broken their hearts over their appearance, as it wasn't the skinny beauty, or muscled beauty they possessed?

Both these songs I wrote when I was living in Budapest. The differences between the genders are still bigger than what I was used to. I learned what patriarchy meant to me. But also how you can make the point, sometimes unconsiously, in the people you know, of how useless it sometimes is to make a difference between genders. In my case that worked out more beautifully than I could imagine.

But in many modern societies women still get payed less then men. And (even: little) girls who don't want to shave their legs and other parts of the body, are mostly concidered unfeminin and 'probably lesbian'. Isn't there a possibility that some people just don't find that shit important?

Teams of psychologists are put to work to find out exactly how to mould the people into a state of shopping-flue. Find out what people's deepest desire is, and find out how to connect the product to this desire and you got a willing customer.

Since love and sex have everything to do with our desires, they are bluntly put out in the open. Seldom descrete naked or halfnaked women are misused to sell things which have absolutely nothing to do with either naked women or sex. But it works nevertheless.

The psychology used to charm us into buying things, the promotion of the superficial, has a huge effect on the mindset of today's kids, especially young females. As boys learn from Music industries populairest R&B  stars to call their age-mates hoes and bitches.  And the girls learn that wearing hardly anything shows selfrespect, that rolling over the floor and making out with guys, is dancing...

If kids are trying to look sexy at an age that their puberty hasn't even properly started, it can't be healthy. A kid is not supposed to worry about what he or she looks like and how she/he'll function in the 'market'.