Compassion is Terrorism
Now I see their teachings were radical
in life you should not always do the right thing at all!
Not if the authotities do not agree
for them one and one makes three

This title suggests a very radical song, and this song is about exactly that: radicals. It's also about how what seems to be the story of a bad consperacy-movie, becomes reality for all of us today. Even when we choose to ignore it, or saying we have nothing to hide: with tiny steps our right to privacy goes up into new rules and laws that make it the norm that each individual might be watched 24/7 by computers and camera's and that the information about your person will be used for targeted advertising and 'homeland security'.

We've got: Discount-cards of our supermarket or warehouse, our encorporated healthcare insurances, our interests on the net, our travels through airports and all our mobile-phone calls, texting messages, chats, even our whereabouts are tracked when you carry your cellphone. All these things and more are alone, but even more when combined, draw a clear profile of who you are and where you want to go.

Everything you check out on the internet is collected into a profile with your Ip-address. And if you're logged in at a certain 'service' like Gmail, or if you use Google's services to find something on the web, all the info you give is collected and saved. You've got a profile with all the private searches on the net. Everything you ever posted in forums, your pictures on facebook, video's on You-tube are all out there for companies to freely research their targetgroups. In other words: these things are helping them to influence you more in your daily life and choices. Because they can easily work out how to work the psyche of their targetgroup with targeted advertising campagnes. There's even companies that gather that information to sell to marketing bureaus.

On the 'security side' we've got the governments as they are even working on how to centralize all our medical, psychatrical, insurance and public information from when we get born, into one file. To help the kids grow up to become good citizens there's (in Holland) an already-in-use specialized version: which can actively find risk-cases (or: risky families) so steps can be made to 'help' the kids from going a 'wrong direction'.

The danger of the Justice system to use this kind of information, that they gather everywhere from unrelyable sources, is that they can wrongly accuse people. It has already happened that people were arrested for nothing and it will happen more frequently as the police are starting these ways of finding suspects more often.