Compassion is Terrorism

Walking through the streets of the city
rain is pouring down on me
Thinking about the good old days
when I thought that we were free

The playground was a different world
free to play cause we were tame
and learning at school, math, reading, counting
it all was part of another funny game

Untill that day the schoolyard was replaced
when the fence around it appeared all fake
there was the real world waiting for us
most fled to dreams but some would stay awake

They tought us what was justice
and what was wrong
Help the ones in need...
damn, we were still so young

Now I see their teachings were radical
in life you should not always do the right thing at all!
Not if the authotities don't agree
for them one and one is three

Streetcorner eyes register my midnight walk
as a constant reminder we are not alone and we're not allowed to talk
It reminds me how blissfull ignorance would be
then I wouldn't feel like shit with all the injustice we can all see

It's the injustice we could fight
if we weren't awake so few
but they take away our rights
and burn down those who're true

The right to free speech is there
only if you cant breach their system
those who went close they know
they'd shut them up before they reached them

found themselves caught in a prisoncell
where they'd never rest
found themselves dying from bullets
that ripped through head or chest

help the ones in need
as long as there's one and one is three
compassion is terrorism
in this world where "who slaves is free"