Silent Massacre

Between the fat walls of slaughterhouses, in the hard to reach sheds of bioindustries, are the most horrible, terrible abuses, on the norm of the day.

This song is about the products we use, that are unevedbly bound to suffering. Animal products like: leather, fur, milk, cheese, meat, eggs. I could write many pages about this subject as well, but today I'll keep it to a couple of short messages:

They say about fur and leather, which I refer to as animal skin, that they're 'natural products', but the truth is that to be able to make these skins usable and sustainable, they use chemicals that they do not tell us about, but which are at least AS bad, if not worse then their synthetic alternatives.

And as for products like cheese and eggs: these are not there because the cows need to be milked, or the chickens want to give their eggs to us. These products are there, because a some people have decided to make profit off of these animals. And they tell you, that the products are neccecary and irreplaceable. Nothing is less true! There are great alternatives which do not need these animals to exist and there for suffer.

And if you think about the way these animals come to their end in slaughterhouses: throats slit, skulls crushed, decapulated, gas-sed. Does that meat and all those products still taste good or look beautiful to you?